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GoGreen With Goddess Products, Inc.

Our GoGreen product this week is:

Madison International GreenTech Led Lighting

Some simple changes of habit can save energy and resources at work, and these small steps can be multiplied by persuading the powers-that- be at your workplace to adopt environmentally friendly (and often cost- effective) policies.

1. Be bright about light:

Artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of the electricity use in office buildings. Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you're leaving any room for 15 minutes or more and utilize natural light when you can.

2. Maximize computer efficiency:

Computers in the business sector unnecessarily waste $1 billion worth of electricity a year. Make it a habit to turn off your computer—and the power strip it's plugged into—when you leave for the day.

3. Print smarter:

The average U.S. office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. Make it a habit to print on both sides or use the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts. Avoid color printing and print in draft mode whenever feasible.

4. Go paperless when possible:

Make it a habit to think before you print: could this be read or stored online instead? When you receive unwanted catalogs, newsletters, magazines, or junk mail, request to be removed from the mailing list before you recycle the item.

5. Ramp up your recycling:

Make it a habit to recycle everything your company collects. Just about any kind of paper you would encounter in an office, including fax paper, envelopes, and junk mail, can be recycled. So can your old cell phone, PDA, or pager.

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